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Anticoagulation Management Service


The Anticoagulation Management Service is a collaboration between the Departments of Hematology and Pharmacy.  Our team is comprised of physicians and pharmacists who administer and monitor anticoagulant therapy for Johns Hopkins patients. Anticoagulants (also called blood thinners) are often prescribed to people who have blood clotting problems due to thrombosis or other disorders that increase the likelihood of blood clots—including atrial fibrillation, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Living with Warfarin

Patient education video that provides information regarding indications, side effects, monitoring, diet, bleeding and thrombotic complications.

 Our services

  • Inpatient services – We assist our providers with managing anticoagulants in the safest and most effective manner for inpatients at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Our physician and pharmacy staff are available 24/7 to provide guidance on the management of anticoagulants. Please page #4-CLOT for all anticoagulation related questions. On-staff providers may also contact the Hematology consult service on PagerBox.
  • Outpatient services – If you’re a patient who has been released from the hospital or is receiving ongoing anticoagulation treatment, you can receive care at one of our many outpatient anticoagulation clinics (AC) in and around Baltimore. Referrals required.
  • Drug administration guidelinesPrescribing and dosage information for several classes and types of anticoagulation drugs, including warfarin, heparin and direct thrombin inhibitors.

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