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Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology

Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology - mother holding child's hand in hospital bed

Relief and Comfort Wherever and Whenever Your Child Needs It

Keeping your child comfortable and pain-free with anesthesia is essential when a heart problem requires testing or therapy. Your care team may use anesthesia to prepare your child for surgery, a procedure or an imaging test when it is important for your child to stay still and relaxed.


World-Class Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia

When your child’s care requires anesthesia, you and your family can feel confident in the unique advantages of Johns Hopkins’ specialized pediatric heart team. In addition to continuous monitoring and emphasis on safety, we offer:

pediatric anesthesiology - medical kit icon

Extra training

Our doctors undergo additional training, longer than most practitioners who provide anesthesiology for children with heart problems.

pediatric anesthesiology - stethoscope icon

Vast experience

The large number of children we treat, and the range of conditions we care for mean that even the most unusual anesthesia challenges are familiar to us.

pediatric anesthesiology - small hand in larger hand icon

Continuity of care

Working seamlessly with the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit (PCICU), our team supports your child through each stage of his or her treatment, regardless of where it happens within the hospital.

pediatric anesthesiology - doctor wearing mask icon

Familiar faces

The same people who provide anesthesia in the operating room provide sedation during diagnostic procedures so your child sees the same faces throughout their care, including the PCICU during recovery. 


Meet Our Experts


Special Considerations for Anesthesia in Babies and Children

Anesthesia care for babies and children is very different from that of adults. At Johns Hopkins, research conducted in our laboratories is helping us discover the safest and most effective practices and put them to use.

We use anesthesia medications in a way that’s tailored to your child’s age and condition. We take extra steps to improve blood flow and alertness in recovery.

About two-thirds of children we care for can return to their ICU beds after surgery free of equipment and breathing on their own, so you can hold, cuddle and breastfeed your child sooner.”

- Dr. Dheeraj Goswami, director of the Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia division

Pediatric Anesthesiology - Image of Dr. Dheeraj Goswami
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