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Becker Lab

Genomic control of platelet function

Principal Investigator

Active Projects

(1) Gene and protein expression in megakaryocytes derived from pluripotent stem cells in families with early onset coronary disease

(2) Gene expression in platelets and relation to in vitro platelet function

Aggregation of blood platelets initiates clotting in coronary arteries, the main cause of heart attacks. Our laboratory conducts experiments to understand how genes control platelet function.  Through funding by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, we have performed candidate gene analysis, linkage studies, whole genome association studies, and now whole genome sequencing in about 2000 healthy subjects from families with early onset coronary artery disease. The subjects are siblings or offspring of an individual identified with coronary artery disease before age 60 in the GeneSTAR Research Program (Genetic Studies of Atherosclerosis Risk).  We have identified a large number of common and rare genetic variants associated with platelet aggregation, and although some variants are located in genes known to be important in the biology of platelet function, most are in non-protein coding regions of genes (introns) or in intergenic regions of the genome.  To understand better how these variants influence platelet function, we created pluripotent stem cells from blood mononuclear cells in 257 genotyped GeneSTAR subjects and then transformed the stem cells to megakaryocytes, the source of platelets in the bone marrow.  We have determined the entire transcriptome of these megakaryocytes to measure gene expression levels in an effort to functionally link genetic variation with platelet function. We are also interested in epigenetic effects which regulate the amount of gene transcription and resulting protein formation.  We have done similar transcriptomic and proteomic studies in blood platelets as we have in stem cell-derived megakaryocytes.

Becker Lab

Our goal is to identify new therapeutic targets for drug development to control excessive platelet aggregation and reduce the risk of heart attack in susceptible individuals.  We also hope to use the genetic information to predict who is at greatest risk for platelet aggregation or bleeding, and tailor treatment to effectively apply individualized precision medicine.


  • Rasika Mathias, PhD
  •  Nauder Faraday, MD
  • Linzhao Cheng, PhD
  • Diane Becker, ScD
  • Brian Kral, MD

The Becker laboratory also extends its cardiovascular work well beyond platelet function, as noted on the GeneSTAR Research Program website.


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