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What to Expect at the Clinic

The first appointment at the Heart Failure Bridge Clinic is a follow-up appointment for patients who have recently been discharged from the hospital. This appointment will be scheduled before a patient leaves the hospital. It will take place three to five days after discharge and may include:

  • Physical evaluation and 6-minute walk test
  • Medication evaluation
  • Education, medical history and physical
  • Lab work to check on kidneys and electrolytes
  • Written instructions to continue proper heart failure management

Additional appointments can be scheduled any time a patient is experiencing symptoms of heart failure or has questions about their condition. Typically, these appointments can occur within 24-72 hours of the initial appointment request. At the clinic, heart failure specialists provide a support system for patients. Specialists can adjust medication, review dietary habits, and serve as a resource for patients. If required, patients may be given intravenous medications to reduce the extra fluids accumulating in their body and around their heart.