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Clinical Services

The Johns Hopkins ARVD/C Program provides a variety of clinical services for both adult and pediatric patients. We see patients for second opinion consultations to discuss diagnosis and management, genetic counseling and testing, as well as routine ICD management and family member screening. We can also arrange concurrent cardiac testing.

Patients are seen in consultation with Dr. Hugh Calkins or Dr. Hari Tandri and genetic counselor, Brittney Murray, to discuss test results, family history, and to provide guidance regarding further management. We see all of our patients for genetic counseling to discuss the diagnosis, the psychosocial impact of living with ARVD/C and with an ICD, as well as to discuss the benefits and limitations of appropriate genetic testing. In selected cases we also offer catheter ablation as a treatment for difficult to manage ventricular tachycardia. 

 We also offer 2 specialized ARVD/C Clinics: Pediatric and TeleGenetics.

Pediatric ARVD/C Clinic

The Pediatric ARVD/C Clinic is held on a monthly basis and is staffed by genetic counselor, Brittney Murray, and our pediatric ARVD/C specialist, Dr. Jane Crosson, pediatric electrophysiologist. We offer second opinions/consults for patients possibly affected as well as cardiac screening for family history of ARVD/C. This is a coordinated day of any necessary cardiac testing, along with genetic counseling and electrophysiology consultations.

TeleGenetics ARVD/C Clinic

It is our goal to expand our services to as many patients requiring the specialized services of our ARVD/C Program as possible. We are currently expanding our genetic counseling services via telemedicine for those who are unable to travel to Baltimore. If you are interested in learning more about genetic counseling / genetic testing services via telemedicine, click here

To schedule an appointment with the ARVD/C Program, please contact Crystal Tichnell, MGC at 410-502-7161 or