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Long QT Syndrome: Kim Bauhs

My cardiologist and the Hopkins genetics program were able to pinpoint the cause of my frequent heart rhythm problems. 

Kim Bauhs was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome. Kim Bauhs was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome after suffering a heart attack.

I was 46—feeling perfectly healthy and about to give a talk at a business meeting—when I fell to the floor in cardiac arrest. The doctors at the hospital where I was taken diagnosed a heart rhythm problem and put a pacemaker in my chest that would send an electrical shock to my heart if I had another episode.

At first, I thought things were under control. But six months later, after my defibrillator gave me eight full shocks in a single day, my Johns Hopkins cardiologist recommended that I undergo genetic testing to pinpoint the cause of my condition.

Now, thanks to him and the Hopkins genetic program, I know that I have what’s called long QT syndrome, even though it doesn’t show up on my stress tests or EKGs.

With the right treatment and the lifestyle changes he prescribed for me, I have gotten my life back.

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