A clear picture of your heart's condition helps your doctor make decisions about both prevention and treatment of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.


Your Guide to Common Heart Health Tests

Heart health tests yield important information that can help you and your doctor create the best care plan. Routine screenings are recommended for everybody, because they provide clues for potential heart risks. But what about the other heart exams?  

With Your Guide to Common Heart Health Tests, you'll find an easy-to-understand overview of seven key heart tests that your doctor might recommend.  This guide provides informative information about:

  • How each test works;
  • why each test is heart-smart;
  • who will benefit from each test; and
  • what questions you should ask your doctor.

Your Guide to Common Heart Health Tests also includes a Personal Results page, so you can take notes about your individual test results and specific instructions from your doctor. 

Heart health tests can be confusing, but the specialists at Johns Hopkins understand what you’re up against and are ready to lend a hand.

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