Staying Active as You Age


It’s never too late to get moving. As an older adult, staying active as you age can work wonders for your physical and mental health, and lead to a longer life with greater independence. Regular exercise can reduce pain, relieve stress, improve sleep, improve flexibility and balance, lower risk for chronic disease and injuries, and increase “good” cholesterol, among many other benefits.

If you aren’t already active, it can feel daunting to begin a routine. Ask your doctor what kinds of exercise will work best given your current activity level and discuss any existing health conditions Next, start slowly and gradually work up to a level you’re comfortable with. When it comes to being active, there’s something for everyone: walking, yoga, tai chi, swimming, water aerobics and weight training, to name a few. Try different activities until you find something you enjoy—you’ll be much more motivated to stick to it.

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