Physical Activity for Heart Health


For decades, doctors have been promoting the health benefits of physical exercise.

Exercise yields a variety of heart-related benefits. For example, it lowers blood pressure and improves blood cholesterol. Physical activity also reduces the risk of diabetes, a leading risk factor for heart disease. Combined with a heart-healthy diet, physical activity makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight — a key lifestyle strategy for heart disease prevention.

A balanced fitness plan for heart health should include a variety of exercises. Aerobic exercise is vital because it gets the heart pumping, strengthening the heart muscle. Heart-healthy fitness routines should also include resistance training and flexibility workouts.

For some, getting started is the hardest part of an exercise program. For others, staying motivated is the biggest challenge. Setting realistic fitness goals and monitoring progress are vital for staying on track. As fitness milestones are achieved, stay focused and remember the importance of physical activity for heart health.


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