Kids and Teens: Developmental Milestones


Children are individuals who grow and develop at different rates. However, there are certain developmental milestones common to kids and teens that can be expected within certain age ranges. Parents should be aware of these milestones and strive to encourage healthy, balanced childhood and adolescent development.

Developmental milestones involve a variety of activities and interactions. For example, parents of preschool-age children can expect the development of new motor and speaking skills. Parents with school-age children may notice advancement in motor skills, the understanding of new concepts and further social development. It’s important to remember that growing up involves learning to interact and socialize with others, which may lead to some frustrating situations.

Adolescence involves significant physical growth and emotional changes. Teens may need help adjusting to hormonal changes and new thinking patterns.  

Consult a pediatric health care expert for advice regarding kids' and teens' developmental milestones.

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