Everyday Safety


Families can promote everyday safety by taking a closer look at their home environment, lifestyle and potential risks. To keep the entire family safe, it’s vital to find problems early and respond quickly to risky situations. There are several safety rules and guidelines associated with recreational activities inside and outside the home.

At home, following toy safety rules will keep children safe while playing and prevent problems such as falling, drowning, strangulation, suffocation and choking. Follow labels and ensure that toys are given to children based on age recommendations. Sports on wheels, including bicycles, inline skates, scooters and skateboards, pose potential safety risks. Participants should wear protective gear (e.g., helmets) and avoid dangerous behaviors.

Traveling is another important time to consider safety. When traveling by car, parents should follow guidelines for seat belts and car seats based on the age and size of their children. When traveling by plane, following air travel tips can help passengers stay safe and comfortable. If traveling by cruise ship, regulations are in place to control sanitation and prevent gastrointestinal issues.

Whether at home or on travel, be sure to follow water safety guidelines and take steps to prevent children from drowning.


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