Beef Recipes


For hearty meals that provide stick-to-the ribs satisfaction through plenty of protein, beef is hard to beat. Although a healthy diet is lighter on red meat than other forms of protein, an occasional beef-based dinner provides a lot of nutritional benefit as well as delicious taste.

For instance, beef is rich in iron, which many girls and women in their childbearing years can lack, leading to anemia. The iron in red meat is heme iron, which the body can absorb more readily than the iron in plant-based foods.

A reasonable serving of beef is about 5 to 6 ½ ounces—about the size of the palm of the hand or a deck of cards. Deli meats, sausage and hot dogs are processed and should be avoided. Instead, opt for lean, unprocessed beef balanced with plenty of healthy vegetables and tantalizing seasonings for a satisfying, iron-rich meal.

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