A young child lies in a hospital bed wearing a mask
A young child lies in a hospital bed wearing a mask
A young child lies in a hospital bed wearing a mask

Pediatric Bowel Obstruction Treatments and Doctors at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Diagnosing and treating bowel obstruction, including intussusception, in children

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Johns Hopkins’ specialized pediatric surgeons treat bowel obstructions with compassion and gentleness. 

Consultations are available in Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, Washington, D.C., and York, Pennsylvania.

Types of Bowel Obstruction

Types of bowel obstructions in children include:

  • Intussusception - One part of the child’s bowel slides into the next
  • Small bowel atresia (intestinal atresia) – The child's intestines have not formed correctly.
  • Intestinal stenosis
  • Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction

Signs of a Bowel Obstruction in Children

When your child’s bowel is blocked, they may experience common symptoms such as

  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain or cramping
  • Vomiting
  • Rejection to feeding
  • Red, jelly-like stool

While not common, diarrhea may also occur during the blockage.

Will your child need bowel obstruction surgery? 

Your child’s doctor can diagnose if there is a blockage and the severity. If the blockage is severe, bowel obstruction may be considered an emergency, requiring immediate attention. Surgery is often the best treatment option for removing the obstructions.

Why choose Johns Hopkins for your child’s treatment?

Our pediatric specialists use a gentle, child-appropriate approach to care and treatment. If your child is dealing with bowel obstruction, you probably have many questions. Our care includes clear communication and support for the family. We help you understand every step so you know what’s happening, when and why.

Meet Our Bowel Obstruction Experts

At Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, you will feel the support and care of our team throughout every stage of your child’s treatment.

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