Head and Neck Cancer: Joe's Story

Head and Neck Cancer: A Survivor’s Guide to Managing Treatment

After seeking treatment for a sore throat and a lump on his neck, Joe did not expect the Johns Hopkins head and neck cancer specialists to give him a two-year job assignment – that of fighting oropharyngeal cancer. Joe’s treatment plan consisted of radiation and chemotherapy, and with it came the expected side effects — loss of hair, appetite and taste, as well as dehydration. Cancer-free for more than four years, Joe shares his treatment experience, as well as the three rules that guided him through his recovery.

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Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

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Our team offers comprehensive treatments for cancers affecting the nasal passages, sinuses, the throat and nearby areas. Our head and neck surgeons work closely with medical and radiation oncologists, endocrinologists and other specialists to provide well-rounded care.