When you’re caring for someone with long-term illness, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And you deserve a helping hand from the experts on aging at Johns Hopkins.


Take Care: A Guide for Family Caregivers

Appointments, pills, medical records, finances: Caring for someone affected by chronic or long-term health issues can be deeply rewarding—but it also means you have a lot on your plate. Here’s some help: Take Care: A Guide for Family Caregivers. This straightforward, quick-to-read reference can help you manage the challenging logistics of caregiving and keep both your loved one and you happier and healthier. 

With Take Care, you can get organized and take charge with easy, effective tips on:

  • Partnering with health care providers;
  • Managing medications;
  • Organizing medical records;
  • Keeping track of finances;
  • Using technology effectively;
  • Maintaining a healthy caregiving relationship; and
  • Taking care of YOU.

The specialists at Johns Hopkins understand what you’re up against and are ready to lend a hand. Reach for it—simply fill out the form below to download Take Care: A Guide for Family Caregivers.