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What's New in Hopkins GIM


November 9, 2017Drs. Lenny Feldman and Amit Pahwa win  Innovations in Clinical Care (HVCC) at Clinical Excellence Awards
November 9, 2017Dr. Bimal Ashar wins Excellence in Service and Professionalism Award at Clinical Excellence Awards
November 7, 2017Dr. Henry Michtalik announced a Senior Fellow in Hospital Medicine
October 30, 2017Dr. Nisa Maruthur promoted to Associate Professor of Medicine
October 20, 2017Dr. Heather Sateia announced as new Associate Program Director in Osler Medical Training Program
October 16, 2017Dr. Felicia Hill- Briggs Elected to National Academy of Medicine
October 12, 2017Mary Catherine Beach receives the George Engel Award
October 6, 2017

2017 Housestaff Research Award Winners

September 27, 2017Dr. Lisa Cooper honored with the Helen Rodriguez-Trìas Social Justice Award
September 20, 2017

Dr. Amit Pahwa named Associate Director of Core Pediatric Clerkship and Director of SOM’s Foundations of Public Health Course

September 20, 2017

Dr. Eric B. Bass, named SGIM Chief Executive Officer

July 17, 20172017 GIM Housestaff Research Awards
June 8, 2017Dr. David Levine Received Department of Medicine, Task Force on Women's Academic Careers in Medicine, Third Annual Sponsorship Award
June 7, 2017Dr. David Levine Receives Award for Lifetime Achievement in Medical and Biomedical Education
June 7, 2017Dr. Lenny Feldman Wins Educational Scholarship Award
June 7, 2017Dr. Heather Sateia Earns Lisa J. Heiser Award
June 7, 2017Dr. Rab Razzak Wins Educational Program Award
May 6, 2017Team Forza Brancati raises over $9,000 for ADA at Tour de Cure
April 10, 2017Drs. Maruthur and Hill-Briggs attend ADA's Call to Congress
April 6, 2017After-Care Clinic Reduces Utilization, Saving $1 Million a Year
March 31, 2017Dr. Claire Snyder Promoted to Professor of Medicine
March 22, 2017American Heart Association awards Hopkins GIM grant for Obesity Center
March 8, 2017Dr. Scott Pilla wins Clinical Research Fellow Award at the Hopkins  DOM Retreat
March 8, 2017Dr. Dan Brotman wins David M. Levine Mentoring Award at the Hopkins DOM Retreat
March 7, 2017Dr. Anika Alvanzo receives second annual Brancati Center Research Grant award
February 27, 2017Dr. Eric Bass receives Theodore E. Woodward Award for Medical Education from the Maryland Chapter of the American College of Physicians
February 23, 2017Dr. Padmini Ranasinghe inducted into Distinguished Teaching Society of JHUSOM
February 15, 2017Dr. Casey Overby named to NLM strategic planning panel
February 15, 2017

Dr. Anika Alvanzo receives the 2016 Scholarly Concentrations Excellence in Mentoring Award

February 14, 2017Dr. Reza Manesh receives the 2017 Jeremiah A. Barondess Fellowship in the Clinical Transaction
January 31, 2017Dr. Zackary Berger Promoted to Associate Professor of Medicine
January 19, 2017Dr. Carrie Herzke Awarded 2017 ACLGIM Leadership Award
January 17, 2017Women's Health Research Group awarded 2017 Provost Postdoctoral Diversity Programming Award
January 3, 2017Dr. Hill-Briggs named to Board of American Diabetes Association



September 15, 2015POWER Study Media Coverage
September 15, 2015Dr. April Fitzgerald Receives 2015 ACP Award
July 27, 20152015 GIM Housestaff Research Awards
July 10, 2015JHU SOM to Sponsor 'Proud to be GIM' Event
June 16, 2015Dr. Jodi Segal Won Best Abstract - 'Measuring Safety, Quality, and Value'
June 16, 2015Dr. Mary Catherine Beach Promoted to Professor of Medicine
May 14, 2015Dr. Stephen Sisson Promoted to Professor of Medicine
May 13, 2015:Paul O'Rourke in SGIM "Proud to be GIM" Video
May 13, 2015:Dr. Jessica Yeh Inducted into BSPH Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society
April 30, 2015:GIM Fellow Phuong Luu's Poster Named SGIM Geriatrics Poster Winner
April 27, 2015:Hill-Briggs Expert Committee Member and Coauthor of IOM Report on Cognitive Aging
April 21, 2015:Dr. Heather Sateia Won "Shark Tank" at IEE Annual Conference!
March 19, 2015:GIM Authored Article Receives Coverage in US News & World Report and NPR
March 19, 2015:April Fitzgerald Elected President of SGIM Mid-Atlantic Region
March 19, 2015:Society of General Internal Medicine Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting Winners
March 10, 2015:2015 Greater Maryland Tour de Cure: Forza Brancati
March 10, 2015:Dr. Jodi Segal Invited to Serve on MEDCAC
February 6, 2015:Dr. Felicia Hill-Briggs Promoted to Professor of Medicine
February 6, 2015:Dr. Jodi Segal Promoted to Professor of Medicine
February 6, 2015:Dr. Geetanjali Chander Chosen for Faculty Mentor Award
January 27, 2015:Dr. Anika Alvanzo: Final NIH Panel Report
January 22, 2015:Dr. Mariana Lazo is a Nexus Award Recipient


December 22, 2014
December 19, 2014
December 17, 2014
December 12, 2014
November 10, 2014:
October 31, 2014:
October 22, 2014:
October 16, 2014:
October 8, 2014
October 7, 2014:
September 11, 2014
September 11, 2014
July 9, 2014
June 18, 2014GIM's Dr. Joseph Cofrancesco talks HIV on 88.1 WYPR
June 17, 2014GIM's Dr. Heather Sateia Featured in the New York Times
May 14, 2014Division of General Internal Medicine Visiting Professor | Nicole Lurie, M.D., M.S.P.H.
April 23, 2014Dr. Dzeng Awarded 2014 Founder's Grant
April 23, 2014Dr. Daumit Awarded 2014 Best Published Research Paper
March 20, 2014:Dr. Pahwa Awarded Berkheimer Faculty Education Scholar Grant
March 19, 2014:GIM Physicians Win Primary Care Grants
February 28, 2014: ���Three GIM Faculty Named to Miller-Coulson Academy of Clinical� Excellence
February 28, 2014:Dr. Leonard Feldman Promoted to Associate Professor
February 28, 2014:Fellowship Alum Pens JAMA Opinion Piece
February 27, 2014:Dr. April Fitzgerald Wins ACP Award
February 26, 2014:Dr. Lisa Cooper Elected to AAP
January 31, 2014:Dr. Lenny Feldman Wins Maryland ACP Award
January 8, 2014:Dr. Madhav Goyal's Study Makes News Around the World


December 30, 2013:Dr. Lawrence Appel on the Radio
December 30, 2013:Dr. J. Hunter Young Promoted
December 27, 2013:Dr. Feldman's Courtesy Research Cited in Baltimore Sun
December 27, 2013:Appel-Miller Supplementation Editorial Goes Viral
December 11, 2013:Dr. Mark Hughes Named Ethics Committee Co-Chair
December 9, 2013:Dr. Lisa Cooper Wins ACP's Bruce Award
December 4, 2013:Dr. Lenny Feldman Featured on MPPDA Website
December 2, 2013:Brancati Center for the Advancement of Community Care Funded
December 2, 2013:GIM Plays Central Role in JHM-Walgreens Collaboration
November 22, 2013:Dr. Henry Michtalik Named a "Top Doc"
November 5, 2013:Dr. Kimberly Gudzune Quoted in New York Times
November 4, 2013:Dr. Wendy Bennett Featured in JHSPH Magazine
November 4, 2013:Drs. Appel and Miller's Research Cited in Forbes
October 31, 2013:Dr. Feldman's Article Makes News Nationwide
September 16, 2013:Dr. Hanan Aboumatar Wins PCORI Research Contract
September 5, 2013:Dr. Sonal Singh Wins Pharmacoepidemiology Award
August 19, 2013:Dr. Kim Gudzune Granted NHLBI K23 Award
July 19, 2013:Dr. Nisa Maruthur Publishes Weight-Loss Study in JGIM
July 1, 2013:GIM Welcomes New Faculty Members and Bids Farewell to Others
June 27, 2012:Dr. Leonard Feldman Studies Physicians' Cost Considerations
June 24, 2013:Fellow Dr. Tabor Flickinger Publishes Newsworthy Study
June 18, 2013:Dr. Wendy Bennett Honored by SGIM Task Force
June 17, 2013:Hospitalists' Publications Burgeoning
June 14, 2013:Dr. Jessica Yeh Honored by Osler Residents
June 3, 2013:Dr. Carrie Herzke Named Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Programs
May 31, 2013:Dr. Nancy Codori Awarded Precepting Honors
May 30, 2013:Drs. Feldman and Dr. Block's Study Discussed in NYT
May 17, 2013:In Memoriam: Dr. Fred Brancati
May 16, 2013:GIM Authors Abound in May JGIM
May 13, 2013:Dr. Felicia Hill-Briggs Wins Caribbean Health Prize
May 8, 2013:Dr. Lenny Feldman Wins Research Award at APDIM Conference
May 6, 2013:GIM Honors at SGIM Annual Meeting
May 1, 2013:Dr. Kimberly Gudzune's Study Cited in New York Times
April 30, 2013:Dr. Tanjala Purnell in Baltimore Times Story on the Annual Kidney Walk
April 29, 2013:Dr. Ebony Boulware Inducted into ASCI
April 29, 2013:Dr. Jeremy Sugarman Elected to AAP
April 17, 2013:Dr. Nisa Maruthur Wins Clinical Research Award
April 4, 2013:Fellow Dr. Matthew DeCamp Honored for Mentoring
April 1, 2013:GIM Fellowship Alum Bertoni Now Department Chair
March 29, 2013:Dr. Jodi Segal's JAMA Article Garners Press Attention
March 28, 2013:Urban Health Programs Accept Strong New Trainees
March 25, 2013:Dr. Gail Daumit's NEJM Study Makes News
March 15, 2013:Another Telly Award in GIM
March 14, 2013:Dr. Lisa Cooper Wins AHA Award
March 13, 2013:Dr. Stephen Sisson to Direct Ambulatory Services
March 12, 2013:Dr. April Fitzgerald Wins ACLGIM Leadership Award
March 8, 2013:Drs. Wang and Vaidya Promoted to Associate Professor
March 5, 2013:Dr. Henry Michtalik to Present at SHM Plenary Session
March 4, 2013:Dr. Sonal Singh Wins Squires Award
February 26, 2013:Medical Education Article in The Atlantic
January 30, 2013:Dr. Henry Michtalik's JAMA Article Attracts Press Attention
January 18, 2013:Dr. Liz Dzeng's Blog-post Featured by Huffington Post
January 16, 2013:Dr. Kimberly Gudzune Wins Clinician Scientist Award
January 10, 2013:Dr. Matthew DeCamp Interviewed on Television
January 9, 2013:Dr. Brancati Resigns Position as GIM Division Chief

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