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Medical Education Article in The Atlantic

Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, of Indiana University, and a recent recipient of the Alpha Omega Alpha Distinguished Teacher Award, has an essay in The Atlantic titled, "Great Health Care Requires Great Medical Educators." Dr. Gunderman wrote that there is much more to educating medical students than time, talent and treasure. In his words, "A school can provide the perfect curriculum, state-of-the-art instructional methods, and unimpeachable testing, yet do a poor job of educating future physicians. One ingredient missing from this account is the creativity, commitment, and inspiration of medical educators. Education is not an industrial process, akin to pressing mounds of clay into a uniform shape. Instead it is a human process. Students are not identical to one another. Each brings distinctive interests, abilities, and experiences. Like the practice of medicine itself, great education means establishing a relationship between human beings."

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