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Drs. Appel and Miller’s Research Cited by Forbes

Research that GIM professors Lawrence Appel, MD, MPH and Edgar (Pete Miller), MD, PhD, published in 2005 in the Annals of Internal Medicine  to analyze the risks and benefits of vitamin E supplementation is still being quoted in the press. An October blog in Forbes titled “The Top Five Vitamins You Should Not Take” cited the Hopkins study in support of the author’s contention that vitamin E, although “a very popular supplement”, is among those that should be avoided by the general populace unless specifically recommended by one’s doctor. 

The blog is written by GIM faculty member Steven Salzberg, PhD, MS, also a Professor in the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine. Dr. Salzberg characterizes his blog as focusing on “pseudoscience and bad medicine, and sometimes good medicine.” 

Dr. Appel                    Dr. Miller                      Dr. Salzberg

           Dr. Appel                                                Dr. Miller                                               Dr. Salzberg