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Drs. Redonda Miller’s and Lenny Feldman’s Study Featured in News

Dr. R. MillerThe August 1, 2012, issue of the Baltimore Business Journal featured an article by reporter Sarah Gantz about a study published in the May-June 2012 issue of the Journal of Hospital Medicine by GIM's associate professor Redonda Miller, MD, MBA and assistant Professor Lenny Feldman, MD. The title of the published study is "Nurse-pharmacist collaboration on medication reconciliation prevents potential harm."

The study conducted at Johns Hopkins Hospital demonstrated, in the words of the Baltimore Business Journal's article, "that the hospital could Dr. L. Feldmanreduce the risk of medication errors and save money by having nurses and pharmacists work together to look for discrepancies between drugs a patient is already taking at home and what is prescribed at the hospital.

"The medication tracking procedure costs about $32 per patient and $114 to identify one medication discrepancy that could cause harm to a patient, according to the study. Conversely, it costs an average of $9,300 to treat a patient for a drug discrepancy complication."

The study and its coverage by the Baltimore Business Journal appeared as the lead article in today's issue of Inside Hopkins Medicine.