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Dr. Craig Pollack’s Research Featured on “Marketplace”

Dr. PollackResearch conducted by GIM assistant professor Craig Pollack, MD, MHS, MS was the focus of a story entitled “Latest Public Health Problem: Foreclosures” that aired on Friday, June 22nd, on American Public Media’s Marketplace radio program. Dr. Pollack and Julia Lynch, PhD (Penn) have published four articles since 2009 on a previously unstudied connection between home foreclosures and illness. Dr. Pollack and his co-researchers observed that that the phenomenon of ill health pushing families in fragile financial straits into foreclosure has been an object of considerable recent research and discussion; they chose instead to focus on whether foreclosures themselves can also cause ill health.

The research revealed that stress, economizing on healthcare expenditures, and even suicidal thoughts threaten the health of people in families that have experienced home foreclosure. Dr. Pollack’s research points out the advisability of integrating health counseling and referral to health resources into financial counseling for foreclosed families.

Click the links above to access the text and audio versions of the radio feature and Dr. Pollack’s publications on the health threats posed by foreclosure.