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"What's New" Archive, July-December 2009

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December 23, 2009: Changes in NIH Grant Requirements Take Effect Soon

December 23, 2009: Dr. Leonard Feldman Invited to Join ACP

December 23, 2009: New GIM-Peds Residency Awarded Two Grants

December 7, 2009: GIM Fellowship Alumnus Breaks New Ground in Study of Affective Disorders

December 1, 2009: Recruitment and Retention December Lunch Lecture

November 30, 2009: Journalist Samples Several National Healthcare Systems

November 30, 2009: Invitation to Office of Diversity Event, Wed., Dec. 2nd

November 17, 2009:  NPR Examines U.S. Healthcare System

November 16, 2009:  New York Times Column Addresses Image of Primary Care

November 11, 2009: Office of Recruitment and Retention Announces Lunch Lectures

November 6, 2009: GIM Medical Educators in Japan

November 5, 2009: Dr. Huizinga’s Research Draws Media Attention

October 27, 2009: Faculty Publish in Archives of Internal Medicine

October 23, 2009: SOM Adopts New Professional Commitment Policy

October 22, 2009: Summary of Changes to NIH Grant Applications

October 21, 2009: 2009 GIM Housestaff Research Award Winners Named

October 20, 2009: Dr. Nadine Chen Publishes Article on HIV Testing

October 16, 2009: Baltimore Sun Editorial by GIM Physician

October 15, 2009: Dr. Finkelstein Awarded VHA Funding

October 14, 2009: Dr. Rashmi Kumar Awarded Osler Research Grant

September 24, 2009: Dr. Joseph Cofrancesco to Head New Institute for Excellence in Education

September 23, 2009: Pharmacoepidemiology Seminar Series Announced

September 21, 2009: NIH Changes Forms and Instructions for FY2011 Funding Submissions

September 8, 2009: Dr. Beach Awarded NHLBI Grant

August 27, 2009: Drs. Feldman and Stewart Launch Unique Med-Peds Residency

August 17, 2009: Dr. Lisa Cooper Named Fellow of ACP

August 11, 2009: Drs. Jeanne Clark, Redonda Miller & Pete Miller to Speak at "A Woman's Journey"

July 22, 2009: GIM and Welch Center Members Walk for Freedom 

July 20, 2009: Fellowship Alum Dr. Mai Pham Wins Hersh Award

July 20, 2009: Harvard Suspends Primary Care Division

July 14, 2009: GIM Fellowship Alum Interviewed in NYT

July 2, 2009: Dr. Padmini Ranasinghe in AMA House of Delegates

July 2, 2009: Medicare Changes to Favor Primary Care Providers
"What's New" Archive