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"What's New" Archive, July-December 2008

December 16, 2008: GIM and Welch Center Researchers Publish in JAMA on Diabetes and Risk of Death in Cancer Patients

December 12, 2008: Harvard Medical School Cuts Budget

December 12, 2008: NIH Issues New CSR Study Section Descriptions

December 12, 2008: NIH Introduces New Grant Criteria and Scoring

December 11: 2008: NY Times Reports on Health Decision-Making in Britain

December 11, 2008: Two Articles Address Quality of U.S. Healthcare

December 3, 2008: Sen. Baucus Issues "Call to Action" on Healthcare Reform

December 2, 2008: GIM Fellowship Alumni Publish in Annals

December 1, 2008: SGIM Call for Submissions--Save by Acting Promptly

November 24, 2008: NIH Policy to “Level the Playing Field” Among Researchers

November 25, 2008: Dr. Neil Powe Receives "Champion of Hope" Award

November 21, 2008: Dr. Mary Catherine Beach Interviewed in NY Times

November 20, 2008: Dr. Jeremy Sugarman Earns PRIMR Distinguished Service Award

November 13, 2008: Primary Care Crisis Focus of NEJM Video

November 7, 2008: Dr. Redonda Miller Elected to CPA Board

November 6, 2008: Dr. Nancy Codori New MACHA VP

November 5, 2008: Dr. Yngvild Olsen in the Baltimore Sun

November 3, 2008: Dr. Lawrence Appel Quoted in Los Angeles Times

October 27, 2008: Dr. Lawrence Appel Appointed to Dietary Guidelines Committee

October 24, 2008: Dr. Neil Powe Interviewed on WJZ-TV

October 22, 2008: 2008 GIM Housestaff Research Awards Winners Announced 

October 21, 2008: Dr. Gregory Diette Granted Joint Appointment in GIM

October 20, 2008: Loretta Hoepfner Profiled as Volunteer

October 14, 2008: Hopkins Announces New Medication Program for Uninsured Patients

October 13, 2008:  Dr. Lisa Cooper Elected to Institute of Medicine

October 9, 2008: New NIH Policy on Resubmitted Applications

October 6, 2008: Dr. Rehan Qayyum's Study Attracts Press Attention

October 6, 2008: Dr. Howard Levy Authors Article in Genetics in Medicine

September 26, 2008: Dr. Ebony Boulware Promoted to Associate Professor

September 26, 2008: Dr. Bimal Ashar Promoted to Associate Professor

September 25, 2008: Dr. Lisa Cooper Wins George L. Engel Award

September 24, 2008: Economic Slump Threatens Americans' Health Care

August 28, 2008:  Four GIM Fellows Granted NIH Awards

August 25, 2008:  Evidence-Based Practice Center’s Report is Basis of AHRQ Publication

August 21, 2008: GIM Researchers Investigate Faculty Views on Residents’ Duty Hour Limits

July 30, 2008: Dr. Sugarman Honored for Ethics Article

July 28, 2008: GIM Faculty and Former Fellows Publish in Journal of General Internal Medicine

July 24, 2008:  Hopkins GIM Mourns Death of Dr. Victor McKusick

July 18, 2008: The Center for Health Promotion Awarded Grant

July 18, 2008: Diane Becker Receives 2008 JHU Distinguished Alumnus Award

July 18, 2008: Dr. Brancati in SGIM Forum

July 11, 2008: Dr. Felicia Hill-Briggs Promoted to Associate Professor

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