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"What's New" Archive, 2005

December 20, 2005: Dr. Bass Named Editor-in-Chief of New Journal

December 20: 2005: Mark your calendars: SGIM Meeting Dates

December 16, 2005: Young et al. Article Highlighted in Science Magazine 

December 14, 2005: Dr. Vaidya Receives Trudy Bush Fellowship

November 30, 2005: Dr. Vaidya Receives AHA Translational Research Career Development Award

November 17, 2005: Dr. Joshua Sharfstein to Become Baltimore City Health Commissioner

November 15, 2005: Results from OmniHeart Study Published

November 14, 2005: Mark your calendars: Funded Project Presentations, Osler Center for Clinical Excellence, 11/22/05 & 1/31/06

November 11, 2005: NIH Implementing Electronic Grant Submission

November 10, 2005: Dr. Felicia Hill-Briggs Elected to the National Academies of Practice

October 21, 2005: Dr. Jeanne Clark Receives NAASO Award

October 11, 2005: Dr. Joe Cofrancesco Elected to FACP

October 3, 2005: Hopkins Study to Determine and Improve Physician Ability to Respond to Bioterrorism Illnesses Published

September 27, 2005: Dr. Mark Hughes Appointed Blaustein Scholar

September 23, 2005: Division's Albert Wu and Eric Bass to Head Up DEcIDE Research Center 

September 22, 2005: Dr. Steve Sisson Returns from Katrina Relief Mission in Louisiana

September 21, 2005: "Stubborn People We Are": A Message from Dr. Karen DeSalvo

September 1, 2005: Mike Klag assumes new role as Dean of the Bloomberg School of Public Health

July 8, 2005: Dan Ford Named New Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation

May 2005: Dr. Geetanjali Chander Receives K23 Award

May 2005: Drs. Flynn, Sisson, Berkenblit and Powe Honored at SGIM Annual Meeting