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Visiting Students

Clinical electives are available to medical students who are attending either an LCME-approved school or schools with which Johns Hopkins has a formal affiliation. 

Research experiences are offered on a limited basis to U.S. and internationally trained medical students.

The Johns Hopkins Visiting Student Policy page outlines all the necessary requirements and provides more information. Links to clinical and research applications are also available on that page.

Application for visiting students

Visiting students must apply for the electives. To apply, contact the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Registrar’s Office:

Registrar's Office
Location: 733 North Broadway
Edward D. Miller Research Building
Suite 147
Baltimore, MD 21205


Transcripts and a letter of recommendation are required. Completed applications are forwarded to the department in which the student wishes to work. The registrar will notify the student of action taken and arrange for housing, visa, etc.