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Peri-Operative Medicine Services

The Johns Hopkins Peri-operative Medicine Service assists patients to avoid complications that can arise from surgery and hip fractures and to restore quality of life and function.

Most hip fractures occur in adults ages 65 and older, especially women, as a result of a simple fall from standing height. These injuries often lead to devastating consequences, such as persistent pain, limited physical mobility, and even death.

At Johns Hopkins, a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of specialists – including orthopedic surgeons, gerontologists, and anesthesiologists – work with older patients to treat hip fractures and other orthopedic problems in the hospital.

We also consult with the surgeon of hospitalized older adults to address geriatric issues such as delirium, falls, immobility, and incontinence.

What you can expect

This unique program is available to adults with a special emphasis on older adults who are hospitalized at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Co-managed by the orthopedic service and the geriatric team, patients will receive comprehensive assessment and management, geriatric consultation, and post-op management. The team’s goal is to restore quality of life and function after hip fracture. We also consult with other surgical disciplines for pre-operative evaluation and peri-operative management. 

Request a consultation

Patients or their families can request a geriatric consultation by speaking with their attending physician for a referral.

To make an appointment call: 410-550-2367

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