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Muscle and Bone Biology in Frailty

Muscle and Bone

Decreases in physical stature and mobility, which reflect changes in the scaffolding and leveraging systems of the body-the skeleton and muscles, are two easily observed changes associated with aging. Bone and muscle are dynamic organs that undergo continuous repair and remodeling throughout life. These two systems are inter-related because the action of muscle on bone is key to normal remodeling of bone and muscle mass is influenced by bone density.

Research focus

Researchers are focusing on the role of inflammation and autophagy in muscle decline, on biomarker discovery related to this process, and on the role of macrophages in osteopenia.

Current research studies

  • Repair and renewal pathways that involve genetic influences on muscle strength and quality
  • Loss of muscle (sarcopenia) and bone (osteopenia/osteoporosis) which contribute to reduced strength, activity, and energy expenditure leading to disability and dependency
  • Genetic influences on muscle mass/strength
  • Muscle cell apoptosis and mitochondrial metabolism
  • Altered muscle and bone in the IL-10 knockout and other mouse models
  • Deficits in mesenchymal stem cell/progenitor cell number and commitment
  • Depots of tissue resident senescent macrophages and systemic pro-inflammatory state in a mouse model of osteopenia

Faculty investigators