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Small and Large Intestine

Location of the colon in the body Location of the colon in the body

Diseases of the small and large bowel are linked to family history and the connection between these elements has been the result of years of research at Johns Hopkins. Our researchers discovered the gene that connects a certain type of colon cancer to the Ashkenazi Jewish population, and we are active in understanding the genetic underpinnings of Crohn’s disease. The importance of this research helps patient identify potential health risks early, so they can live healthy, long lives without the threat of terminal illness.

Small and Large Bowel Diseases We Treat

Colon Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic: Johns Hopkins’ Unique Approach

Johns Hopkins’ Colon Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic is specially designed to evaluate patients who have a family history that indicates an increased risk of colon cancer. At many hospitals, you would need to meet separately with a gastroenterologist for diagnosis, and then a genetic counselor if you chose genetic testing.  Learn more about our colon cancer risk assessment clinic.

Anatomy of the colon and rectum Anatomy of the colon and rectum