Personalized Services: Exams and Procedures

The Day of Your Visit

executive waiting room

Your day-long visit will be tailored to meet your individual health needs, based on personal preferences and your Health History questionnaire.

The Standard Executive & Preventive Health Visit

Optional Services

Women's Services

In between examinations, you will have access to additional amenities, including:

  • continental breakfast and lunch
  • executive lounge with telephone and internet access
  • interpreter services (if required)
  • lockers for your personal items
  • business services

At the end of the day, you will meet again with your personal physician to go over your test results, discuss any questions, and receive your individualized recommendations for future health and wellness.

If our doctors recommend an additional examination or there is a specific consult with one of our other specialists that you are interested in receiving, we’ll work with you to try to schedule it on the same day, schedule a follow-up appointment or provide a referral to make an appointment with a local care provider.

After Your Visit

After returning home, you will receive a summary of your examinations in about 10 business days, or sooner if you use MyChart. These summaries will include your existing health status and recommendations for how to maintain or improve your health.

Your medical information is confidential and we are happy to send copies of your reports to your primary care physician.