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Questions about obtaining consent for genetic testing? Please reference our handout or reach out to one of our genetic counselors at!

Please ship all samples to:

Johns Hopkins Genomics - DNA Diagnostic Lab
1812 Ashland Ave
Sample Intake; Room 245

Baltimore, MD 21205

Auto-activation and auto-cancellation policy 

The Johns Hopkins Genomics DNA Diagnostic Lab will now be utilizing an auto-activation or auto-cancellation policy for every sample we receive in the lab.

When a sample is received in the lab, it will be evaluated to determine whether we have all necessary items needed to initiate testing.  If everything is in order, the lab will initiate testing for your patient as normal. 

If items are missing upon sample arrival (e.g. test requisition form, consent, family member samples, billing documentation, etc.), this testing will be put on hold and you will be given 6 weeks before the testing is either auto-activated at the highest level of testing possible (applicable to exome duo, trio, or quad) or auto-canceled.  This 6-week date will be communicated to the provider upon sample arrival, along with a list of the items that are still pending.  If all necessary items are received before your auto-activation/cancellation date, testing will be initiated.  If items are still pending at the 4-week mark, the provider will be contacted again and reminded of the time remaining until an action will be taken on testing.   

What is auto-activation?

Auto-activation is only applicable for tests that require samples from more than one individual such as an exome duo, trio, or quad.  If your patient sample reaches the 6-week mark and there is enough documentation and samples to initiate some level of testing, the lab will do so.

For example, if you ordered an exome trio and at the 6-week mark are only pending family member samples, the lab would initiate this testing as a proband-only exome.  This change will be communicated with the ordering provider.

What is auto-cancellation?

Auto-cancellation is applicable to all tests that require only a single patient sample.  If all necessary items needed to initiate testing are not received after 6 weeks of sample receipt, testing will be canceled.  If your testing is canceled, you will be notified by the lab and you will have 1 week to notify the lab if you need the sample returned to you before it is discarded. 

*For external providers – if you request a sample to be returned please provide a FedEx account number to cover return shipping costs. The DNA Diagnostic Lab will not cover any shipping associated fees. 

*For Hopkins providers – if the only item pending for your sample after 6 weeks is an insurance pre-authorization decision, this will remain on hold until it is either approved or denied.

Please feel free to email us at or call 410-955-0483 if you have any questions about this policy.