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Johns Hopkins Genomics – DNA Diagnostic Laboratory


The Johns Hopkins Genomics - DNA Diagnostic Laboratory has a new fax number! The new number is 410-367-3266. Please make sure to update your contact listings. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to

The Neonatal Respiratory Distress panel has been removed from the test menu as of February 16, 2021. The genes in the Neonatal Respiratory Distress panel are included in the Interstitial Lung Disease subpanel of the PulmZoom. Please contact the lab at 410-955-0483 or with any questions.

Johns Hopkins Genomics now provides free VUS resolution testing for family members of individuals tested in our lab. Please reach out to coordinate this testing. Additionally, JHG recently launched ZoomOut testing, providing the ability to reflex negative or uninformative Zoom testing to clinical exome analysis.


Please ship all samples to:

Johns Hopkins Genomics - DNA Diagnostic Lab
1812 Ashland Ave
Sample Intake; Room 245

Baltimore, MD 21205

When considering molecular genetic testing, there is nothing more important than the clinical laboratory’s commitment to diagnostic accuracy.  At the Johns Hopkins DNA Diagnostic Laboratory – a non-profit, academic service lab established in 1979 – we fulfill this commitment through insistence on high quality data and comprehensive result interpretation. The highest of standards, where modern medicine was pioneered – that’s what the world has come to expect from Johns Hopkins.