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Johns Hopkins Genomics – DNA Diagnostic Laboratory


BIG CHANGES ARE COMING TO OUR TEST MENU! Please note that as of Oct. 1, 2019, Johns Hopkins Genomics will be offering clinical exome sequencing, Zoom panels, targeted variant analysis, and a few of our previously offered tests. If you would like to order a targeted variant test, please reach out to the lab prior to sending a sample. After Oct. 1, we will reach out to providers who have ordered testing that is no longer available asking if they would like to order a test we now offer or have us discard the sample.

Johns Hopkins Genomics is excited to announce the launch of clinical exome sequencing and exome-based Zoom panels! The PulmZoom has taken the place of our diffuse lung disease panels (Neonatal respiratory distress NGS panel is still available) and the TeloZoom has taken the place of our Telomere shortening disorders spectrum NGS panel. We have also recently launched the RenalZoom and SkeletalZoom.

Additionally, we are excited to announce the launch of the ImmunoZoom!

To order these tests please use our updated requisition forms. Of note, if you are not a Hopkins provider, we will only accept institutional billing for these tests at this time.

Please ship all samples to:

Johns Hopkins Genomics - DNA Diagnostic Lab
1812 Ashland Ave
Sample Intake; Room 245

Baltimore, MD 21205

Our phone, fax, and email contacts remain the same. 

When considering molecular genetic testing, there is nothing more important than the clinical laboratory’s  commitment to diagnostic accuracy.  At the Johns Hopkins DNA Diagnostic Laboratory – a non-profit, academic service lab established in 1979 – we fulfill this commitment through insistence on high quality data and comprehensive result interpretation. The highest of standards, where modern medicine was pioneered – that’s what the world has come to expect from Johns Hopkins. 

How to Order Tests and Panels