About Bloodless Medicine

For many patients, blood transfusion is not an option, whether for religious reasons or safety concerns. The Johns Hopkins Bloodless Medicine and Surgery team understands and respects this view. We are experts in patient blood management, improving health outcomes and creating peace of mind for those who seek the very best healthcare, without the use of blood or blood products.

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery: What You Need to Know | Steven Frank, M.D.

Dr. Steven Frank, medical director of the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Johns Hopkins, discusses why patients choose bloodless medicine and surgery, the benefits, what surgical procedures can be performed without a foreign blood transfusion and why so many patients choose Johns Hopkins for their bloodless health care needs.

Conditions Treated
Our experts work closely with specialists throughout the Johns Hopkins Hospital to ensure safe bloodless healthcare for both children and adults in many areas.

A wide variety of patient blood conservation methods and techniques are available through our program. These techniques are FDA-approved and have been shown to significantly improve health outcomes.

Not every technique is appropriate for every patient. Careful decisions are made based on your preferences and healthcare needs. Above all, your wishes are respected.

Frequently Asked Questions
Education is one of the goals of the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery. To that end, we provide answers to some of the most common question regarding bloodless medicine and surgery. We are happy to provide more detailed answers to your questions.
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Our team strives to make bloodless medicine choices clear and easy to understand. We are happy to answer any questions you have about any of these terms during your appointment.

Appointments and Referrals
To make an appointment or to learn more about how we can meet your needs for bloodless medicine or surgery, please call 877-474-8558.

In The News
The Bloodless Medicine and Surgery team at Johns Hopkins stays current on developments in the field, and helps to shape the latest best practices. Here are the most recent articles in the scientific and lay press so you can stay informed on techniques, trends, and the options available to you.

Our Team
The professionals in the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program at Johns Hopkins are leaders in their field who have a deep respect and understanding for your needs and wish to treated without a blood transfusion.