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Pediatric Urology Fellowship

The pediatric urology fellowship is a two-year program that consists of: 

  • One year of clinical pediatric urology training – Rotations include outpatient clinic, complex reconstructions/ambulatory surgery, urodynamics, exposure to spina bifida and stone clinic, fetal treatment and pediatric oncology (tumor board). 
  • One year of clinical/basic science – You will conduct ongoing research and be encouraged to develop your own field of interest.  

The pediatric urology fellow is expected to attend and participate in weekly educational conferences, didactic teaching sessions, daily management of inpatients with the urology residents and consulting services.  

  • Location: The clinical program is centered at Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore, MD, which serves a diverse patient population and receives a wide range of pediatric urology cases. 

    Accreditation: The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education 

  • Johns Hopkins faculty involved in the training of the pediatric urology fellow include pediatric endocrinologists, nephrologists, neonatologists, oncologists, neurosurgeons, infectious disease specialists, geneticists, radiologists and pediatric surgeons. 

    The program’s core faculty are: 

    Di Carlo, Heather Noelle, M.D. 
    Gearhart, John P, M.D. 

  • Research Training 

    During the year of dedicated research, fellows participate in both clinical and basic science research. Resources include: 

    • A large biorepository of detrusor smooth muscle cells and urothelial cells from Exstrophy-Epispadias complex patients and vesicoureteral reflux patients is available for biomarker analysis.  
    • For clinical research, a large prospectively maintained database of Exstrophy-Epispadias complex patients is available for surgical, continence and other outcomes-based analysis. 
    • Other clinical research includes imaging in VUR patients, LUTS in the pediatric population, Health Related Quality of Life and Disorders of Sexual Development. 
    • We are conducting a phase 1 clinical trial (NCT01011777) investigating the use of endoscopically injected muscle-derived progenitor cells in exstrophy patients with urinary incontinence. 

    Surgical Training 

    During the second year of fellowship, the fellow leads the clinical service, where surgical and clinical skills are developed in the following areas: 

    • Bedwetting (enuresis) 
    • Bladder exstrophy 
    • Cloacal exstrophy 
    • Epispadias 
    • Hypospadias 
    • Kidney stones 
    • Undescended testicle 
    • Ureteropelvic junction obstruction 
    • Vesicoureteral reflux 
    • A passing score on USMLE Step II is required for all trainees. 
    • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine GME policies apply to all clinical fellows. 
  • Eligible applicants are completing a urology residency program and are preferably candidates for the American Board of Urology. We participate in the matching program by the American Urologic Association AUA and the Society for Pediatric Urology.  

    Applications are due in winter or early spring.  

    Additional information about the matching process, as well as a general application, is online at The Societies for Pediatric Urology

    In addition, those interested in applying to the pediatric urology fellowship program should send curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation to John P. Gearhart, M.D. 

    John P. Gearhart, M.D. 
    Associate Professor in Pediatric Urology 

    Johns Hopkins Children's Center 
    1800 Orleans Street, #7304 
    Baltimore, Maryland 21287 

    Phone: 410-955-5358 
    Fax: 410-614-8096 

  • Timothy Baumgartner, M.D. (2016-2017) 
    Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center 
    Peter Stuhldreher, M.D. (2015-2016) 
    U.S. Navy, San Diego 
    Ezekial Young, M.D. (2014-2015) 
    Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University SOM 
    Heather Di Carlo, M.D. (2013-2014) 
    Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University SOM 
    Eric Massanyi, M.D. (2012-2013) 
    Assistant Professor, Northeast Ohio SOM 
    Kristina D. Suson, M.D. (2011-2012) 
    Assistant Professor, Children's Hospital Michigan Pediatric Urology 
    Andrew Stec, M.D. (2010-2011) 
    Assistant Professor of Urology and Pediatrics, Medical University of South Carolina 
    Timothy Phillips, M.D. (2009-2010) 
    Chief of Pediatric Urology, Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center 
    Thomas Novak, M.D. (2008-2009) 
    Chief of Pediatric Urology, Brooke Army Medical Center 
    J. Todd Purves, M.D. (2007-2008) 
    Associate Professor of Surgery, Duke University 
    Amanda North, M.D. (2006-2007) 
    Associate Professor and Program Director, Montefiore Hospital 
    Caleb P. Nelson, M.D. (2005-2006) 
    Assistant Professor, Boston Children’s Hospital 
    Jennifer Dodson, M.D. (2004-2005) 
    Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Hospital 
    Dominic Frimberger, M.D., Ph.D. (2003-2004) 
    Professor and Chief, University of Oklahoma 
    Yegappan Lakshmanan, M.D. (2002-2003) 
    Associate Professor and Chief, Children’s Hospital Michigan 
    Kirstan Meldrum, M.D. (2001-2002) 
    Professor and Chief, Michigan State University SOM 
    Fernando Ferrer, M.D. (2000-2001) 
    Professor and Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Children’s Hospital of Omaha, Creighton SOM 
    Linda Baker, M.D. (1998-1999) 
    Professor, UT Southeastern 
    Ranjiv Mathews, M.D. (1997-1998) 
    Director of Pediatric Urology, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine 
    Richard Silver, M.D. (1996-1997) 
    Private Practice, New York 
    Bruce L. Slaughenhoupt, M.D. (1995-1996) 
    Associate Professor and Program Director, University of Wisconsin 
    Jacob Ben-Chaim, M.D. (1994-1995) 
    Professor, The Dana Children’s Hospital 
    Steven Docimo, M.D. (1993-1994) 
    Professor and Chief of Staff, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh 
    Naida Kalloo, M.D. (1992-1993) 
    Associate Professor, George Washington University 
    Dennis Peppas, M.D. (1991-1992) 
    Professor and Chief, University of Louisville SOM 
    Marc Cendron, M.D. (1990-1991) 
    Associate Professor, Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital 
    Charles E. Horton, M.D. (1989-1990) 
    Professor and Chief, Eastern VA School of Medicine 
    Michael P. Leonard, M.D. (1988-1989) 
    Professor and Chief, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario 
    Douglas A. Canning, M.D. (1987-1988) 
    Professor and Chief, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 

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