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Building a Biocontainment Unit

Building a Biocontainment Unit

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Walter Reed - Enhanced Precautions Unit Training Session

The bcu team at waleter reed.
Bcu team at walter reed.
Bcu team at walter reed.
Bcu team holding an award.
  • On December 18th, 2019 we had the pleasure of partnering with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to host an Enhanced Precautions Unit Training Session.

  • Trainers from the Johns Hopkins BCU worked with healthcare workers on the processes of donning and undressing PPE as well as clinical skills while in the equipment such as waste management and blood draws.

  • Overall, the session was a great success and provide an opportunity to discuss and workshop the unique considerations when work with patients who are under suspicion of a high consequence pathogen.

  • We look forward to continuing to work with Walter Reed into the future as the continue to strengthen their emerging infectious disease preparedness.

"Santa's Sleigh" - High Consequence Pathogen Transport Exercise

Two ambulances.
Stretcher entering an ambulance.
Practicing patient transport.
Practicing transport drills.
  • On December 14, 2019, Lifeline’s Special Operations Response Team (SORT) co-led an exercise with 2 emergency medical services (EMS) transport agencies, St. Francis Healthcare Special Operations Unit of Delaware and Cecil County EMS Department of Maryland.

  • The drill tested each EMS agencies’ high consequence pathogen PPE ensemble during transport and handoff to Lifeline SORT. Both agencies utilized a portable isolation unit to package and transport a simulated patient from both Delaware and Cecil County.

  • At JHH, patient handoff to Lifeline, undressing and ambulance decontamination procedures were exercised. Additionally, BCU procedures focusing on communication through notification system Assurance was tested to gauge weekend availability and identify gaps.

  • The exercise created discussions regarding PPE modifications and comfort during transport, safe disinfection during undressing and alternative routes. Overall, the collaboration strengthened SORT and the agencies and BCU validated procedures.

"Mr. Clean" - Unit Decommission Exercise

Two biocontainment unit doctors.
Bio containment unit doctor with cleaning supplies.
Bio containment doctor checking functionality of hazzard suit.
Doctor throwing out trash.
  • On October 24, 2019, the BCU conducted a full scale exercise that tested the workflow of unit decommission following the hospitalization of a patient infected with a viral hemorrhagic fever.

  • The drill measured the effectiveness of a planned disinfection process, the efficiency of multiple disinfection wipe-downs of the same surfaces, and the amount of cleaning supplies used and waste produced during the cleaning of the unit.

  • Additionally, staffing models and communication systems were tested for functionality and effectiveness.

  • Lessons informed changes in decommission procedures and strengthened collaboration with Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control (HEIC) for future protocol development.

ASPR Operation Tranquil Shift Exercise

Plane opening to deliver patients
Ambulance delivering a patient
Doctors dressing in PPE gear.
Biocontainment Unit staff receiving information through the notification system.

Opening of the Biocontainment Unit

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the BCU opening.
3D rendering of the Biocontainment unit floor layout.
Picture of osler unit.
Decontamination portion of the BCU.
Another view for the decontamination portion of BCU with a computer and pipes.
Glass cabinets in the BCU.
The hallway of the BCU with monitors and screens mounted on the walls.

Other Photos

Retreat exercise with the BCU staff.
nurses during their annual review.
The trish group.
BCU in San Francisco for the American Thoracic Society International Conference.
ambulamce unloading from a plane.
  • DOM Annual Nursing Review on the BCU.

  • BCU Leadership with Guest Speaker, Patricia Tennill, RN.

  • BCU in San Francisco for the American Thoracic Society International Conference.

  • Lifeline Conducts Drill with Walter Reed Medical Center.