Cancer Videos

The Microbiome and Its Link to Cancer

A Woman's Journey: Conversations that Matter December's monthly Hopkins at Home features infectious disease and cancer researcher Dr. Cynthia Sears discussing what the microbiome is, what changes it, and how emerging discoveries have revealed its broad impact on health and disease. Dr. Sears discusses her research on ‘“driver bacteria” and early approaches to using the microbiome as a modifiable tool to improve colon cancer detection and patient responses to cancer immunotherapy.

Strategy to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Did you know every 40 minutes a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer? Could the removal of your fallopian tubes (salpingectomy) save your life?

A Woman's Journey national chair Kelly Ripen speaks with gynecologic oncology surgeon Dr. Rebecca Stone about the need for early detection and innovative preventive strategies to increase survival. Learn about innovative research that you can implement today to prevent the disease.

Improving Survival of Pancreatic Cancer

Early detection plays a vital role in treating pancreatic cancer and increases the chance of surviving the lethal disease. Learn from cancer pathologist Michael Goggins, director of the Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Laboratory, about new strategies — including identifying gene variants responsible for inherited susceptibility to pancreatic cancer — to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer and to detect the disease.

Cancer Interception: Lessons Learned from HPV

Dr Cornelia Liu Trimble talks about the basics of Human papillomavirus infections, then moves to a discussion of new, emerging strategies to treat early signs that may signal HPV cancers.

Diagnosing Cancer Early

Johns Hopkins radiologist Elliot Fishman, M.D., reveals how computerized tomography, better known as CT or CAT scan, will revolutionize the physician’s ability to diagnose cancer during its early stages through the use of three-dimension texture mapping and artificial Intelligence, and will transform cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival in the near future.

Warning Signs for Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers have found that pancreatic cysts can be precursors to pancreatic cancer. Gastroenterologist Anne Marie Lennon, M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D., underscores why this is so important, reveals how pancreatic cysts can evolve into cancer and discusses research conducted at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Surviving / Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Advances in medical science and treatment are enabling many women to thrive despite a diagnosis of breast cancer. For many, this feared disease is treated as a chronic illness. Join medical oncologist Karen L. Smith, M.D., and former administrative director of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center and two-time breast cancer survivor Lillie Shockney, M.A.S., as they discuss new treatment and management strategies, including medications that improve both the quality and length of life for patients with breast cancer.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day — Avoiding Melanoma

The American Cancer Society estimates that in the United States in 2020, more than 100,000 new melanomas will be diagnosed and approximately 6,850 people will die of the disease. Before hitting the beach to celebrate summer, listen as oncologist William Sharfman reviews the risks, signs and symptoms of melanoma. Sharfman also discusses melanoma research and treatment protocols, as well as novel therapies for high risk patients with advanced melanoma.

Advances in Breast Cancer

A Woman's Journey's October Conversations that Matter webcast series, moderator and national chair Kelly Geer Ripken is joined by radiation oncologist Fariba Asrari and medical oncologist Jennifer Sheng. A diagnosis of breast cancer can be life shattering for a woman. Watch them as they present the latest advances in breast cancer including early detection and treatments.