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Empowering Women to Make Informed Health Care Decisions awj secondary hero

Since 1995, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s annual women’s health program A Woman's Journey provides new and compelling information about important issues affecting women's health. Through a selection of seminars presented exclusively by Hopkins faculty physicians, participants are able to hear first-hand about advances in medicine from the individuals performing the research, all the while interacting with a diverse group of attendees.

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Upcoming Programs

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Saturday, October 29th: 9:00am - 12:00pm

  • Conversations That Matter

    Live one-hour Zoom webcasts with Johns Hopkins physicians around health issues, with live questions from the viewing audience.

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  • Insights That Matter

    Insights That Matter are podcasts with a Johns Hopkins physician. Available on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  • Videos on Demand

    Videos of Johns Hopkins experts discussing important health information affecting women.

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What is the most valuable thing about A Woman's Journey?

The Significance of "A Woman's Journey"
Getting up to date information on diseases and how they present and are treated in women.
The Significance of "A Woman's Journey"
The women's perspective - special issues that are seldom emphasized in general literature.
The Significance of "A Woman's Journey"
The possibilities of what "I" can do after hearing so much wonderful information.
The Significance of "A Woman's Journey"
A great fellowship among women.
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