Outcomes of the Overall Program


The overall impact of your program can also be assessed. Such an assessment may keep track of the number of participants served or the number of patients referred from providers of the health care or other organization that partnered with your program. Here are some other possible ways to assess the program:

  • Seek input on satisfaction and experiences of peer supporters and program participants.
  • Seek feedback from clinicians who see patients in a hospital program.
  • Assess the impact on the condition that the program sought to help or improve (for example, weight loss in a weight loss program, sobriety in an addiction recovery program).
  • In health care organizations where data is collected on patients, databases can serve as a source of information to describe the clinical impact the program has on peers, such as re-hospitalization rates.
  • Assess whether the program achieved the overall goals it set out to achieve?
  • Assess whether the program achieved the action-related goals described in the program plan? (For example, number of participants attending groups, number staying on the program website for more than 10 minutes.)

Updated: March 2018