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The faculty and staff of the Johns Hopkins Division of Allergy & Clinical Immunology are devoting their careers to research, diagnosis and treatment of allergic and hypersensitivity problems, asthma, and other allergic and immunologic diseases. Highly regarded experts in allergy-immunology, most faculty have special individual interests, which focus their practice on particular disorders. What this means for our patients is that they can count on the division’s care providers not only for their depth of medical knowledge, but also for being cared for in a rich scientific environment where innovative treatments and diagnostic procedures are being evaluated. This scientific grounding is coupled with a compassionate approach to providing needed care efficiently and co-operatively.

The Dermatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology (DACI) Reference Laboratory, located in the Asthma & Allergy Center, is a full-service laboratory that provides specialized diagnostic measurements to allergists, dermatologists, and clinical immunologists.


Clinical Faculty

Full-time Faculty

Kristin Brown

Nurse Practitioner


Part-time Faculty

Katherine Hise
Alpa Jani
Miya Paterniti



  • Brendan J. Canning, PhD

    Research Interests: Airway defensive reflexes, cough, reflex bronchospasm

  • Li Gao, MD PhD

    Research Interests: Functional genomics, epigenetics and molecular genetics of complex human allergic and cardiopulmonary diseases, with a focus on translational studies applying fundamental genetic insight into the clinical setting.

  • Peisong Gao, MD PhD

    Research Interests: Gene, environment, and allergic diseases

  • Robert G. Hamilton, PhD

    Research Interests: Diagnostic allergy testing, Humoral (antibody) immune responses in allergic and infectious disease, Immunogenicity and allergenicity of new drugs, Medical product and environmental allergen testing, Natural rubber latex allergy

  • Donald MacGlashan, MD PhD

    Research Interests: Mechanisms of signal transduction

  • John Thomas Schroeder, PhD

    Research Interests: Innate vs. adaptive immunity in regulating cellular responses in IgE receptor positive cells, Mechanisms regulating cytokine/mediator release by IgE receptor-bearing cells

  • Hui Sun, MD PhD

    Research Interests: Calcium Channels, Congential Heart Disease

  • Bradley J. Undem, PhD

    Research Interests: Nerve inflammation interactions, The peripheral nervous system in healthy and inflamed tissues, Vagal Sensory Neurobiology


Staff image
Division of Allergy & Clinical Immunology Faculty, Fellows & Staff

Clinical Staff


  • Antonio L. Hyman, Clinical Manager
  • Tammy Fallis, Patient Services Coordinator
  • Robert Spriggs, Patient Service Coordinator
  • Malik Echols, Medical Assistant
  • Christina Proctor, Medical Assistant
  • Melanie Prodey, Clinical Nurse
  • Sarah Ramirez, Clinical Nurse

Administrative Core

  • Andrew Byrd, Associate Administrator
  • Katie Sheldon, Administrative Specialist
  • Cate Weaver, Administrative Program Coordinator

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