Our fluoroscopy services for children allow us to examine the way certain organs in the body move and function.

Fluoroscopy is a type of imaging exam that allows the clinician to view organs and other structures while in motion. It is similar to an X-ray, but instead of a “picture," fluoroscopy is “live” continual imaging, like a video. A radiologist or radiologist assistant performs fluoroscopy studies.

A physician prescription is required for a fluoroscopy exam.

The fluoroscopy unit is attached to a long table in the X-ray room. The technologist will position the patient on the table and remain with the patient while the clinician performs the fluoroscopy imaging.

Fluoroscopy safety

Our team uses the lowest radiation dose possible and tailors all imaging studies to the size of the child and his or her diagnostic needs. Johns Hopkins All Children’s follows the guidelines of Image Gently, which is a national campaign to minimize radiation doses without compromising diagnostic quality.

What to expect

Please bring a valid insurance card and photo ID to your radiology appointment. One adult may accompany the patient into the fluoroscopy room. Others may wait in the waiting room, however minors under the age of 16 years old are not permitted to wait without adult supervision.

Depending on the type of scan, the patient may be required to drink a liquid called contrast or an IV may be placed to administer contrast. Contrast is a special dye that helps to highlight the organs and other structures in the body to allow the radiologist to clearly visualize internal structures.

We do not use anesthesia for fluoroscopy. However, depending on the patient's age and ability to follow instructions, it may be necessary to use a light sedation. This will be discussed with you prior to beginning the exam.

What to wear:

Your child should wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing jewelry. He or she may be asked to change into a gown if clothes have zippers and snaps that may interfere with image quality.

Follow up

Images will be reviewed by our radiologist and the results will be sent to the referring physician.

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A physician prescription is required for a CT scan. For more information or to schedule an appointment please give us a call. 

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