Facility Dog Program

Providing comfort and support to children in the hospital.

Facility dogs are expertly trained to help children cope with the most challenging of medical situations, procedures, and diagnoses and overcome the stress that they may experience during a stay at the hospital.

Meet Brea (pronounced Bray-UH), our hospital’s first facility dog. She joined the hospital as an employee and member of the Child Life team in February 2021. Brea works alongside her handler, Leah Frohnerath, a certified Child Life specialist, and together they help motivate patients to meet their goals, make the hospital environment feel more like home, and give kids a reason to play and smile, even when they’re sick or injured. 

Meet Our Facility Dog, Brea!

Supporting the Facility Dog Program

Our facility dog program is 100% donor-funded. If you’d like to help the Facility Dog Program grow, you can make a donation online here. We are so grateful for the generosity of our community donors. Thank you for helping us provide comfort and support to children in the hospital.

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