Law Enforcement Officer Training

The goal of this training, provided by the Autism Program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, is to increase Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) knowledge and awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This program has provided training to more than 1500 LEOs to date, travelling to departments across the country to provide in-person training experiences. Participants will learn about behaviors commonly associated with ASD and how to respond in a proactive and positive manner to calls they may receive involving individuals with ASD.

Interactive Presentation

Participants will receive a training in specific strategies to support autistic individuals and their caregivers in crisis situations when responding to calls. This training will increase officers’ competence and confidence when interacting with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Additionally, participants will learn about resources available within the community to facilitate access to services for families affected by ASD.

Virtual Reality

Participants will have an opportunity to learn through virtual reality utilizing digital simulations of lifelike scenarios to practice the skills taught during the interactive presentation.

Scheduling Training

Inquiries for on-site in-person training can be sent to [email protected]

Training Resources

Download our visual communication board

Contact Information 

Questions can be emailed to [email protected]

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