Social Media Disclaimer

Social media websites are by nature public forum and the information posted on our social media properties is available to the public. As such, All Children's Hospital, Inc. does not necessarily endorse or control the content of all comments or posts on these sites. All Children's Hospital, Inc. reserves the right to remove comments or posts that are deemed by it to be inappropriate or objectionable.

The Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital community understands that some people may have strong feelings both for and against various medical practices. We also appreciate that members of society may have different views regarding medical care that are affected by religious, cultural and personal beliefs. We continue to maintain that decisions regarding the care of a child are best made after a careful discussion between a medical professional and the patient and family.

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is committed to providing the best state of the art care to children -- care that is in keeping with the latest medical science and the best guidelines set by medical professional societies and organizations.