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Marketing and Communications

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing and Communications department is the official marketing and communications link between Johns Hopkins Medicine's faculty, scientists, nurses and staff and external and internal audiences around the world. Among the department’s services are media relations, editorial services, web strategy, development and digital media, design, video production, marketing, and market analysis and planning. The staff of this award-winning, full-service marketing and communications office, as well as of the marketing and communications offices located across our member organizations, have detailed knowledge of Hopkins’ history and our ongoing mission-driven commitment to excellence in research, teaching and patient care.

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Contact Information

Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing and Communications
901 South Bond Street, Suite 550
Baltimore, MD 21231

Phone: 410-955-6681
Fax: 410-955-8255


Suzanne Sawyer

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer,
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Phone: 410-955-0071

Kathy Smith

Vice President, Marketing & Communications, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Senior Director, Strategic Marketing and Outreach
Director, Administration

Phone: 410-955-0088

Max Boam

Director, Identity Management and Graphic Design

Phone: 410-955-5422

Kim Hoppe

Vice President of Communications

Phone: 410-502-9430

James Lustek

Director, Brand Management and Video Production

Phone: 443-287-2549

Aaron Watkins

Senior Director, Internet Strategy & Digital Content Marketing

Phone: 410-502-9396

Marian Callaway

Director, Strategic Communications

Phone: 410-955-1534

Michael Keating

Director, Communications Design

Phone: 410-614-1366

Other JHM Marketing and Communications Offices

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Kim Hoppe
Interim VP of Marketing and Communications

Phone: 410-502-9430

Howard County General Hospital

Susan Case
Director, Marketing and Communications

Phone: 410-740-7639

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Sandy Reckert-Reusing
Director, Communications and Public Affairs

Phone: 410-550-0128

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Gary Logan
Associate Director, Communications and Public Affairs

Phone: 410-502-9431

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group

Nathan Thompson
Vice President, Strategic Alignment, Business Development and Marketing

Phone: 410-288-8000

Johns Hopkins Medicine International

Lindsay Rothstein
Director, Marketing and Communications

Phone: 410-464-6557

Sibley Memorial Hospital

Kathleen Allenbaugh
Sr. Director, Consumer & Physician Engagement

Phone: 202-660-5693

Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins

Amy Mone
Director, Public Affairs

Phone: 410-614-2915

Suburban Hospital

David Simpkins
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Community Division, National Capital Region

Phone: 202-537-4000

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Natalia Diaz
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Phone: 727-767-4476