Sanford Wu, M.I.A.

Vice President of Business Development, Planning, and Analysis, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Sanford Wu

Sanford Wu is the Johns Hopkins Medicine vice president of business development, planning, and analysis, leading a centralized function that oversees strategic growth initiatives, business planning and financial analysis. In this role, he collaborates with executives and leaders across the health system, school of medicine and other JHM member organizations to drive business and clinical program development, optimize financial performance and implement strategic plans that play a key role in positioning the organization for long-term success.

Mr. Wu joined Johns Hopkins in 2006. His past roles include assistant director of global strategy and managing director of global services for Johns Hopkins Medicine International. He played a pivotal role in launching and managing various international expansion initiatives that align with organizational goals, including health system affiliations, hospital management services, joint ventures, consulting engagements, concierge services for international patients and monetization of intellectual property. With international experience spanning Asia, the Middle East and the United States, Mr. Wu contributed to Johns Hopkins leaders and faculty members’ understanding of global health care markets, cultural nuances and innovative collaborations.

In 2018, Mr. Wu assumed a senior leadership position as the JHM vice president for business development and strategic alliances, leading the planning and development of many enterprise growth initiatives, new programs, strategic capital projects, health system partnerships and other strategic relationships. Having demonstrated a strong aptitude for financial analysis, planning and optimization, Mr. Wu was appointed by Johns Hopkins Medicine executive leadership to lead the integration of the business development team with the health system’s financial analysis unit, an internal financial modeling and analysis consulting group, to establish a centralized business development, business planning and financial analysis function: JHM Business Development, Planning and Analysis.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Wu held positions in corporate finance, startup platform operations and investment analysis, working in management roles in both private and publicly listed companies in China, Hong Kong and the United States.

Mr. Wu earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Committed to service, he serves on the board of MedBridge Healthcare and Baltimore Public Media, and is actively involved in mentoring programs, including the Levi Watkins, Jr. Mentorship Program, which is focused on identifying and developing hidden and high potential leadership talent, particularly from underrepresented groups, within JHM. He resides in Baltimore City with his wife, Mao, and their two sons.