Nicki McCann, J.D.

Vice President, Provider/Payer Transformation, The Johns Hopkins Health System

Nicki McCann

Nicki McCann has served as vice president of provider/payer transformation for the Johns Hopkins Health System since 2019. In this role, she works alongside providers and community organizations to develop strategies and programs that improve patient-centered care, in alignment with the Maryland Total Cost of Care Model.

McCann also works with policy makers and payers to explore value-based models of care, and pursues policy changes with elected and appointed officials to improve the delivery of quality care.

McCann has many years of experience in program development and management, policy analysis and leadership advisory work. She came to Johns Hopkins in 2010 as director of health policy for government affairs. In this role, she advised leadership on health policy issues and advocated to advance industry priorities under Maryland’s rate-setting system. In 2018, McCann was appointed chief of staff for The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

She is chair of the Maryland Medicaid Advisory Committee and a fellow in the Carol Emmott Fellowship program for women leaders. She is also chair of the Greater Baltimore Regional Integrated Crisis System.

McCann earned her juris doctorate from the University of Baltimore School of Law.