Alivia Peay, M.H.A.

Administrative Resident,
Interim Director of Volunteer Services

Alivia Peay

Alivia Peay, M.H.A., is the Administrative Resident and Interim Director of Volunteer Services Suburban Hospital. In her role as Interim Director of Volunteer Services, Peay is working to rebuild Suburban’s volunteer program, which was put on hiatus during the pandemic. This program provides an opportunity for high school and college students, working-age adults and recent retirees to support Suburban staff, patients and families through the hospital.

Prior to joining Suburban, Peay worked as a Direct Support Paraprofessional for individuals with different cognitive abilities and served as an intern at Duke Regional Hospital.

Peay received her Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the University North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Systems Management from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Peay completed her B.S. degree in two years and received an Associate’s of Arts degree concurrently with her high school diploma.