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Advancements in Research

Researchers at Johns Hopkins are constantly advancing science through basic, translational and clinical investigations. Here are highlights of our most current findings.



New Institute Turbocharges Brain Science at Johns Hopkins

Language, music, art, planning, problem-solving, making tools. No other animal has all of these aptitudes. All rely on a single organ: the brain. But the brain is the most poorly understood organ of the human body. Seeking to change that is an interdisciplinary group of Johns Hopkins scientists, members of the Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute. Together, they are harnessing the brain’s problem-solving abilities to unlock the mysteries of neuroscience.

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Science: Out of the Box

Understanding Ubiquitin

Johns Hopkins biophysicist Cynthia Wolberger explains how the small protein ubiquitin regulates many events in the cell, including turning genes off and on.

Epigenetics: A Symphony of Discovery

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Director, Bill Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., discusses epigenetics using musicians from the Peabody Institute.

Latest in Research

zika drug screen

Three Existing Drugs May Fight Zika Infections

By testing 6,000 existing drugs for their ability to stop the Zika virus from multiplying in lab-grown human cells, scientists found three compounds that show promise and will continue to be tested as possible treatments for the virus.

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