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  • Clinical trial at Johns Hopkins shows promise for kids diagnosed with certain type of tumor

    WMAR-TV - Dr. Eric Raabe, a pediatric oncologist with the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, specializing in brain cancer, was one of the doctors on [Kaitlyn] Dorman's team during her enrollment in the clinical trial. Dr. Raabe and researchers at Johns Hopkins are continuing to work on figuring out why Dorman responded so well to the drug [used to fight her low grade glioma] and how they can replicate it in other patients.

  • Do you need to give up coffee if you have anxiety?

    Men's Health - Although you can develop some tolerance for caffeine (depending on the dose, frequency, and your elimination rate), you're never completely tolerant. So caffeine can contribute to anxiety symptoms some days even if you start every morning by heating up your Keurig, says Mary Margaret Sweeney, Ph.D., instructor at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit.