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Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer

Whether you’re unhappy with a previous breast reconstructive surgery or were never offered breast reconstruction as an option during breast cancer treatment, our breast reconstruction specialists can provide the experience, expertise and the most effective and innovative techniques available.

What You Need to Know:

  • Women considering breast reconstruction have the option for reconstruction at the time of their mastectomy or reconstruction over time, in a series of stages.
  • If a plastic surgeon was not involved at the time of mastectomy, women still have the option for delayed breast reconstruction.
  • A breast can be reconstructed using tissue from another part of the body or using silicone or saline breast implants. 

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Why choose Johns Hopkins?

This type of surgery requires not just a skilled and experienced surgeon but also a team of doctors and nurses who treat breast cancer. Johns Hopkins plastic and reconstructive surgeons specialize in complex breast reconstruction procedures and have successfully completed reconstructions for hundreds of women, restoring their self-image after cancer treatment.

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Our Surgeons

Our surgeons are devoted to their profession and to providing attentive patient care. From the first consultation to the final check-up, they make themselves available and accessible to patients and their families.

Meet Our Physicians:

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Our Treatments

Johns Hopkins plastic surgeons are experienced in all forms of reconstruction, including microvascular surgical options that use a patient’s own tissue, such as the DIEP flap and SGAP flap.

Watch to learn more about breast reconstruction at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Learn more about our breast reconstruction options:

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Our Specialty Center

The Johns Hopkins Breast Center provides patients with the recommendations for treatment based on a consensus of multiple specialists across many disciplines.

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