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What is the Stroke Prevention and Recovery Center?

The Stroke Prevention and Recovery Center (SPARC) is a new model for stroke risk management and prevention.

Our goal is to collaborate with primary care providers to actively provide patient centered care to outpatient stroke and TIA patients.

We have organized stroke care in a multidisciplinary center, where a diverse team of practitioners works together with the primary care provider, applying therapies to reduce stroke risk factors. Our team includes researchers who are dedicated to improving recovery and prevention.

The Stroke Prevention and Recovery Clinic occurs every Wednesday in the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center. The clinic provides an opportunity for patients to have in depth examinations and evaluation of their stroke risk factors.

The specialty-trained team of providers includes Dr. Victor Urrutia, vascular neurology fellows, a neurovascular nurse, registered nurse and dietician. Members of the team assess patient needs and neurologic status, and develop an individualized treatment plan. Patients and their families also receive personalized education on how they can reduce their stroke risk factors and make positive lifestyle changes.

The purpose of the clinic is to prevent future strokes by controlling the risk factors of each patient through personalized management.

We invite you to participate in important studies and clinical trials to advance the field of stroke recovery and prevention. Our center is dedicated to providing the best prevention, treatment and comprehensive care.

Who should visit the Stroke Prevention and Recovery Center?

If you were recently diagnosed with a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), have had warning signs of a stroke, or have certain conditions that put you at a high risk for having a stroke, you should visit the center.

Although many risk factors for stroke can be sufficiently managed by primary care physicians, the providers in the Stroke Prevention And Recovery Center offer evidenced-based recommendations to minimize the risk of having a stroke. Regular check-ups are important in preventing strokes. That’s why our stroke team will continually follow you to ensure that you are on the correct medications, order diagnostic tests to evaluate your current condition, provide nutrition information, and answer any questions you may have.

Stroke prevention and recovery is a lifelong process. Stroke is preventable through risk factor modification. The goal of the center is to actively assist you through this process and help you form a healthier lifestyle.

For more information, contact The Johns Hopkins Hospital Stroke Center at 410-955-2228.
If you have questions about the Stroke Prevention and Recovery Center, please call us at 443-287-8514.


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