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Miroslaw Janowski, M.D., Ph.D.

Research summary

Miroslaw Janowski
Miroslaw Janowski, M.D., Ph.D.

The Janowski lab focuses on the exploration and optimization of stem cell transplantation through various routes of cell delivery, investigates the navigation of stem cells to appropriate brain regions, and studies the graft-host interaction, including immunological aspects. Janowski is especially interested in the translational aspects of stem cell therapy with the use of large animals to develop clinic-ready stem cell delivery protocols. His lab investigates magnetic forces and genetic engineering methods for cell guidance purposes, and utilizes advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to track stem cells after transplantation.

Stem cell transplantation is a very promising strategy to overcome the limitations of current treatment methods. However, the routes and procedures of transplantation are not yet optimized, especially for minimally invasive routes, such as intravascular or intraventricular.  Despite the promising preclinical results, stem cell therapy has proven to be difficult to translate into routine clinical practice. The major problem is in the interpretation of the outcomes of stem cell therapy, as there is a lack of accurate information about the fate of the cells in vivo. Concomitantly, the development of new pharmaceuticals requires an assessment of drug kinetics—the gold standard for the evaluation of treatment efficacy. The outcomes of surgery, in turn, are typically confirmed by post-operative imaging. These methods allow for a conclusive assessment of pharmacological or surgical treatment efficacy. Thus, the issue of following cell fate and the interaction between graft and host is crucial, and Janowski’s lab explores these areas, as well as a broad spectrum of stem cell-based regenerative medicine approaches.

Additional information

Assistant Professor of Radiology

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